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AHIF Video


If you are a hotel owner or investor currently with hotel assets, or looking to acquire hotel assets, and would like to attend the conference as our guest, please contact Mala Patel

Criteria for Approval:

  • Hospitality property owned or being developed in Africa over the next 12-24 months*
  • Any other real estate investor with assets considering expanding into African hospitality sector
  • One representative per company

*Should you wish to keep your portfolio confidential, we will be able to deliver this.

Gorilla Madness 2017

Bench Events will be entering a team in the Great Gorilla run in London on 16 September 2017, raising money and awareness for the endangered mountain gorillas, which reside in Rwanda. You can join the team or donate to this fantastic cause at the following link:

In 2016, we were delighted to have raised over $2,000 and the check was presented to Jillian Miller, Executive Director of The Gorilla Organisation during AHIF 2016

WTA logo

The Africa Hotel investment Forum is delighted to be partnering with the World Travel Awards for its Africa Gala Ceremony 2017 which will take place on Tuesday 10 October. AHIF attendees are invited to join the awards reception at a special rate.

Voting for the World Travel Awards Africa Gala Ceremony concludes on the 21st August 2017, place your vote now. View the full list of nominees

"AHIF is an event where opportunities to meet with regional investors exists and it offers all parties the chance to review and compare their offerings."


"It was an outstanding event. Opportunity to network with key players in the industry."

Eyob Tolina, Director, Schulze Global Investments

Focused Networking


Share market trading classes in mumbai, Binary options with free money

Initiate contact with attendees before the event


Networking Round Tables:

Discuss the topical issues in an informal setting


Networking Culinary Receptions:

The perfect opportunity to network and celebrate what is best about our industry


Sponsor Exhibition:

Meet the key stakeholders in the market

"The best conference in Africa by some distance...if you can only attend one hotel conference a year this should be it!"

David Harper – Head of Property, Hotel Partners Africa

World class sponsors

AHIF’s sponsors are experts in the field of hotel investment. They are at the forefront of this growing industry and leading the way in this sector.

If you are interested in Sponsorship Opportunities please contact Matthew Weihs, +44 (0)7858 511012